About Me

Robert Doody is a well-known and cultured lawyer from Sisseton South Dakota.

Robert loves to travel, American Indian Law, Criminal Law, coin collecting, antiques, greek food, South Dakota History, London, Cyprus, Celtic history, "I've been a lawyer for 15 years, and he has primarily worked on or about American Indian issues.

Robert Doody previously worked for legal aid on two reservations and a non-profit. He also worked for the ACLU, and he is now a solo practice lawyer working primarily in the areas of criminal law and American Indian Law.

Robert lived in Northern Ireland and received his BA in philosophy from the University of Coleraine and also a Masters in Philosophy from the Queen's University Belfast.

He then went on to attend law school at the University of North Dakota. Robert Doody is a licensed attorney practicing in South Dakota.

He enjoys travel, especially to London, and he has been to quite a few places including, Italy, France, Germany, Switzerland, Ireland, Cyprus, and India.

Robert says that he tries to travel twice a year, but it has been difficult for him with COVID to do much travel lately.

In his free time, Robert enjoys his two dogs, collecting ancient coins, and reading. He says that he reads primarily in the areas of Roman History, Celtic history, and the ancient near east."

Robert also enjoys doing a lot of pro bono work for his Church in his free time.



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